I would have to say that google offers tools for people with OCD for sure way to many options to remember. Seems a little weird to have 10 ways of completing the same task but I guess it allows marketing departments to justify all of their time spent analyzing advertising spends. It’s all in the way you frame the data. Anyways got a certificate that says I know how to …Read the Rest

Ok So I just decided to write this article because I was attempting to watch a live stream of the …Read the Rest

PHP Generates a Public Key for the client and sends it to the JavaScript The JavaScript then Generates a Private …Read the Rest

http://wikileaks.org/Statement-by-Edward-Snowden-to.html This story is just more and more depressing and especially with Obama in office what a shit storm Obama …Read the Rest

Ok so if you haven’t read this book you need to pick it up and crack the cover but make …Read the Rest

Ok so here is the first really rough draft of the website layout done in Adobe Illustrator. Tomorrow it will …Read the Rest

Started working on a new project today for a premium car parts dealer site will be http://www.PSR1320.com cleaver name since …Read the Rest

As I age I keep finding my self spending more and more money and time on software that solves what …Read the Rest

I just finished reading the latest article in Wired Magazine about Eugene Kaspersky and I had no idea how closely …Read the Rest

This simplest way to improve the search terms for your site and at the same time improving the quality of …Read the Rest

Well of course this is an election year so we are going to hear a lot about the state of …Read the Rest